I had a dream about a huge solar eclipse. I was standing in my bedroom looking out my window and the size of the sun and moon was enormous. I saw the motion of the moon passing and being placed in front of the sun, and it turn dark. A little while after I see the light of the sun pushing through the moon, and the moon slowly opens up and reveal a hidden planet. The planet uncovering looks similar to earth but square and is covered in jungle and brick. Then millions of creatures falls down towards earth, all different types. While I am seeing this my inner voice is constantly talking to me. Telling me stuff like: it’s happening, is anyone else seeing this, I knew something was going on, stay calm, it’s to late etc. I remember one huge creature in particular, this large green sea worm swimming in the sky, and also millions of small creatures I could not fully see what was. I only know it was mixture of things, human like beings as well. I go to my living room and try to see if anything has been popping up on Twitter, and it’s in the middle of the day so I hear cars outside and everything is very vivid. After a few minutes two of the creatures come inside the apartment and I can see and feel that the world is being taken over, and my inner voice is telling me to be cool to the two creatures and to bring hospitality. So I go and talk to them and say: I know what’s going on! Its not so much I can do, I can offer you some food even though I don’t have anything, take whatever you please, ( remaining calm and curious). I start developing a connection with one of the creatures and he communicates with me that he have been studying hard to learn the earth language and if he says anything that doesn’t make sense, it’s because he is not from earth. They looked like humans and I even mentioned to them that they looked like humans. He kind of laugh it of a little and he had the energy of not being in charge and possibly following orders that he morally didn’t fully agree but still had to follow, hinting to me subconsciously that there’s a plan happening, that will benefit all these creatures from the planet inside the moon. I had a roommate that didn’t understand anything of what was happening not even noticing it was, she just thought we had guest for dinner and she was flirting and being in like a dinner party mood, kind of connecting with the other creature a little. Throughout the whole dream, it had a nightmare feel to it and it was like an apocalyptic scene. After I woke up I felt the feeling of WOW! Was that really just a dream?! It was the most clear and vivid dream I’ve had in a long time. Also considering if it may have been sleep paralysis, wich I used to have a lot in the past, and sometimes still do. Because all of the sounds outside were there and I was sleeping in the middle of the day. The difference between this one and the ones I’ve had in the past, is that this was an event happening globally not just with me. I haven’t yet figured out what this dream means, and I usually do understand the messages I get in my dreams. This one is more of a puzzle, and maybe if I synchronize it with something later on, I will know. I usually never have apocalyptic dreams, I think this is my first that I remember. 



  My biggest confusion is how my guides communicate with me. Sometimes I cannot tell the difference between messages and imagination. As far as recognizing when my intuition is guiding me, is developing clearer and that I appreciate. Yesterday I felt disconnected to the energies around me, so I did a small reading for myself wich helped me clarify a lot of foggy thoughts I’ve been having. 

Know all about Guardian Angels at Absolute Soul Secrets

Absolute Soul Secrets

Though many people talk about Guardian Angels, most aren’t sure about what, or who, they really are, and therefore do not understand the wide array of blessings they provide. Guardian Angels are spirits who protect us from the evil powers and beings that live among us and relay messages from higher spirits like Archangels.

The word angel comes from the Hebrew word aggelos, which means ‘one sent’ or ‘messenger’. Although many religions recognise angels, including Paganism, Islam and Christianity, angels are not exclusive to one religion, or even religion as a whole. Angels take care of the Earth and all of the animals and people that inhabit it. The belief in Guardian Angels has been prevalent in many cultures throughout history, and many people claim to have been visited by one or seen one at one point during their life.

Angels have no gender, but many people see their Guardian…

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Tarot Forecast 6/7/15-6/13/15

Magdalena Tarot

It’s the 23rd week of the year which adds up to 5 in numerology. 5 is a number that’s all about victory, action and overcoming adversary. This theme comes to light in the image on the 7 of wands, our card for the week, which shows a man ready to fight at the top of a hill. All his opponents are running at him but he has the advantage and knocks them down, the hill one by one. Interestingly enough, Mercury goes direct on Thursday, ending the most intense Mercury retrograde we’ve dealt with in recent years. A large part of why this Mercury retrograde was so intense was because Mercury went retrograde in Gemini and the aspects formed with Neptune during this period played off each other to make things muddled and confused. In this way, it was like the Universe blindfolded us and literally yanked away things we…

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    Dr. John Dee ( The Wizard, The Hermit, Original 007). Dee was a known scryer, astrologer and personal spy for Queen Elizabeth 1. He traveled around Europe paying visits to  the monarchs and gathered occult knowledge and information together with his companion Edward Kelley. He was also a member of the Rosie Cross, where he in later years passed down his knowledge ( the light ) to the first founders of the masonic lodge in England. He was what I consider one of the most profound magician, philosopher and teacher of his time. Dee spent time in the Tower of London, where he became friends with Queen Elizabeth 1. They were both locked up in the tower by Queen Mary ( Bloody Mary), where Dee taught Elizabeth about the importance of compounding the sacred knowledge of the occult, unless there’s a real understanding. But one question I have always thought of is why? Why has  John Dee  captured my attention so badly? And why do I feel  such a strong connection towards a person that lived many centuries ago? How is that possible? The only reason I dig and dig is to know the answers to those questions and also learn the truth while I sink. But I would lie to be saying that he is my top influence, maybe I say that because of my pride towards originality. I see Dee as the founder of what I really admire, and that’s Sir Francis Bacon ( Lord Verulam, Shakespeare). He is the reason for putting my thoughts to action, almost over exploring my past lives just to see if I either was him or had something to do with him. It’s like they laughed when they were planning to imprint my subconscious and still are as their soul travels trough time and space. I start getting side effects of their games, insomnia, isolation, and a large ego claiming that I am connected to them in different ways, being aware that it sounds like I am blasfemingsly convincing myself of it, because it is my purpose. The realms of the knowledge teach me an important rule and that is to always follow your intuition. Well my ” illusion” does give me synchronicity and a path to trust, which I appreciate, and therefore I don’t ask questions when the divine is trying to illuminate me by them.